Saturday, October 15, 2016


The Hydroponic Area

Outside our backdoor, it is always a mess. John tends to use it for his work area due to the fact that the garage is full of  his junk tools and things.

  While at the BHG show we saw a lot of Pallets converted to gardens and as we had a couple of pallets I asked John to turn ours into a mini fence with a potting bench at the new area we are setting up the Hydroponics in.

Pallet at BHG Garden Show

First the area had to be cleaned up and is  looking very good. The pavers were also given the once over now that the pressure cleaner has a new sprayer. The old one developed holes and I had to stop doing it, but John has finished it off while fixing up this area. Pavers look great now.

We had old metal narrow tables, that I kept for "something" and they are perfect size for the pots, which sit in a tray of nutrients. This is the Auto Pot system invented by Jim Fah and can be seen at my very favorite place ....Garden World  Braeside Vic.  Look at their hydroponic SHOP with wonderful pictures.
During Masters closing down sale we bought a rubber mat, which fits perfectly. No weeds hopefully and easy to clean the dirt.
This is the area we are working on, next to the spa which  has to be serviced, something to do with the motor or pump, and it needs a new $400 top. It is now 12 years old.

Big pots temporarily there.

John did one pallet size the height it was, as a fence between the spa and hydroponics, and just rearranged the boards to make shelves for dirt or pots, and  the one  for the front a smaller  size, which he attached a bench to for potting up, and stops that boxed in feeling.

Dividing Fence

The shelving fits small pots, and cut down milk bottles which actually gives a bit more growing room. As yet, I haven't decided whether to lay the shelves with plastic and fill with soil or use the pots, but I don't know whether to do vegetables or stick with flowers. It is fed by a 200 litre plastic drum on the verandah, so will get good pressure. I can refill it from up there as well, as we have a water tap on the outside wall.  My other choice is  putting strawberries there. They don't have a huge root system, and my Strawberry tower I have taken down so need a new area, and will do much better, hydroponically.

Note bench and where pots fit.

As yet a roof has to go on top to keep the rain off. We are using clear alsynite to let the sun through, and maybe some wind protection on the back part, and thinking of a drop down plastic piece. The spa is going to have a shade cloth over it, as this is on the western side and gets hot late afternoon.
Roof  Frame Going On

Note Rubber Mat

John has done an excellent good job, thank goodness for his woodworking skills,  and when I get time will get it going. This is the other system of 4 smaller connected pots,  when in full bloom,  at the potting shed.


Till next time.

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