Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Year 1 Anniversary of the Blog

Today, this time last year,  I began this blog, exactly five days after my birthday. So having just celebrated with a night out, I thought I would quickly note a few statistics, that you get through Blogger. I had set myself a challenge back then, to do this blog at least for a year, and really pleased I made it and didn't give up.

I like challenges, and feeling sentimental today, photos are actually for my children.

First there was one 1974

Then there were two 1975

So.......... Blogging twice a week can get a little hard, with finding something to talk about. How 7 day bloggers do it is a mystery, and not for me. Even twice a week is sometimes a challenge as well.  I hope you the reader have found it interesting and perhaps helpful. I will keep going for another year, and one day John and my grandchildren may look back on it with interest. I am wondering whether to keep it in digital form only or copy and paste each entry into a book. If anyone else has thought on this, please let me know.

Then there were 3 1978

Then there were 4 1979
 And ....... "roll of the drums" please.


COUNTRIES :    Highest to Lowest: Australia, America, Russia, France, England, Canada,                                                                            New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Belgium
PAGE VIEWS:    3287

POSTS:           This one is number 70

TOP 5 BLOGS:  The Great Ocean Road. Part one,
                            The Great Ocean Road. Part two.
                            The Strawberry Tower.
                            The Great Ocean Road Part three.
                            It's Filofax Planner Time; free printable.

I have no idea if these results are good or bad, but for me I am very pleased with them. There were 62 comments also, which is always nice. Speaking of statistics, here is the family one.

And then there were 5 and I got my two girls lol. 1984, Happy Birthday No.1 Son.

My new birthday challenge this year is to paint and re-do my Craft Room and a Tiny Sewing Room. I have put it off for so long now, probably 2-3 years,  and I can barely move in them to do my scrap booking or sewing, and usually end up on the dining room table. Bought the paint today and a couple of new lights, so stay tuned.

A big thank you everyone, for reading, and commenting, this past year.  Keep it up.

Till next time.


  1. Aww, that's really sweet! Congratulations on 1 year of blogging! Those photo's are adorable

    1. Thankyou, yes all my favourites. Just got to scrapbook some of them yet.

  2. Thanks Mum :) Awesome post. Pics I haven't seen in a long time.

  3. Number 3 was the best. Happy bloaversary!

    1. That wouldn't be because your no. 3 would it, or was it we all looked fabulous at Aunty J's wedding.

    2. Wow! You look like Careena with dark hair. I've never seen it till this photo.

  4. '75 was a good year. :D

    Who's the babe in white!!?


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