Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Scrapbooking Weekend

I am a bit late with my latest input, but time this week is disappearing so fast. I have had a huge weekend away with scrapping  for my photo albums, and lately seems like a lot of medical stuff. A 6 monthly trip to my Rheumatologist Dr. and  which I passed with flying colors, and really I wouldn't know I had RA now, if it wasn't for my monthly infusion at the hospital.

I have also been under going sleep apnoea tests, which proved to be chronic, something to do with the back of my throat closing on sleeping as I don't fit the usual overweight, drinking alcohol, lifestyle that is associated with it. Aging doesn't help as your muscles sag, and stress also in my case. Anyway as I write this I am about to go for the final appointment to get the chip to go into the machine and then its a case of getting used to the mask, not easy, but the downfall of not getting one isn't worth considering.

Guide Hall set up for Scrapbooking

 The weekend was fantastic. It is held at the local Girl Guide Hall, to raise money towards all the things they do. You can sleep the night, as they have showers and a full kitchen, but I chose to come home Saturday night, for dinner and relax by the fire. That was the thought,  but instead I worked on my project while at home lol.

BYO Sleeping Bags

I am really slow on my scrapping and did 3 pages plus put together 2 sets of  mini drawers that I received for my birthday years ago. I had a really relaxing time and vowed to spend more time getting the children's albums together from birth to 18 yrs old. All five of them.

Working Away

I have started on the changes for my sewing and scrapping area, which meant dumping all the stuff on the dining room table as I am in the middle of painting walls. With this nice weather at the moment I have also been planting some shrubs that turned up in the mail, and clearing the garden. I haven't had time with all that has been going on in the last fortnight and weeds can take over really fast in this area. My little seedlings are just starting to grow, so another thing to work on next week.

Its been a good week. Till next time.

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