Thursday, June 9, 2016


We Survived the Storm

It has been such a busy week and I feel way behind with the blog. I have just now come back from the hospital where my mother was taken this morning at 4 am and  now ok so I am off to have a sleep. First though while calming down over tea and toast, decided to catch up. Yesterday I spent all day lying down with a splitting migraine, which I don't usually get, and getting an emergency phone call last night was very unexpected. Lucky I am feeling normal again. Such is life.

The storm over all of NSW  Sat/Sun just gone, gave us 250 mm of rain, that is 10 inches in the old language. It filled our tanks, and filled the pool, knocked down a branch and tangled the snow peas but all in all we coped.

The new Rock Garden Area

Bits and Pieces Dumped in this Corner and Knocked over the Avocado Tree.

Couldn"t resist taking a photo of our local Saturday paper. Even sealed in plastic it was sodden. No news that day. 

 Out the front the water came up to the step for several hours and the snow peas lost a bit of the support, but the damage was quite mild considering the depth of the storm. On our tin roof the sound of the down pour, was deafening.

Minor Flooding
Snow Peas
 I hope everyone survived what was quite a large storm, which on the radar showed big areas of green. That was unusual as mostly it shows shades of blue when it does rain.  Stay safe.

Till next time.  


  1. I'm glad you did not sustain any major damage like our Tasmanian friends. Looks like you have some major tidying up to do however.

  2. Hopefully today I can get into the garden, I wandered around like a zombie, yesterday. I do like routine I have decided, 4 am start threw me all out.


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