Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Digging up Fruit Trees

Due to the fact that I bought a 2nd. Avocado, I have had to come to some decision as to where to put it, but something else had to go. The first Avocado is 8 years old,  flowers but I got one fruit this year, for the first time.  I decided  that the best place was right next to it as if an A and B tree are going to work together, why make the bees work harder. My decision finally was to remove two pears, and take them out to the son's place who gets frosts, and plant the new avocado.

Pear Tree with Passionfruit Vine Attached

In that particular spot though was a Pakenham Pear, about 8 years old. This tree has provided me with my twig fences, and about 10 pears over all that time. It is a vigorous grower but the area is not cold enough for long, as chill factor is key over winter to give it a good crop. I have put it off digging it up as its quite a big tree.

Pakenham Pear Out

Next to that is a Nashi Pear Tree. I put this in to help with the Pakenham but it too hasn't blossomed at all in 5 years.

Nashi  Pear Tree

 Then next in line is the Mandarin tree, which should bear but the Olive tree next to that has grown quite large and blocking all the sun. So I decided to move it to where the Nashi was as it would get full sun, most of the day.

Mandarin Tree

It has taken 3 exhausting days to remove the trees and replant the Mandarin. The avocado is still sitting in its bag as I have to really work the ground where it is to go. They  have a fussy root system and like well drained but not dry,  and after all this time I don't want to lose it. Avocados trees are also I found out, hard to find.

Cleared out to the first Avocado Tree

In the mean time of all this I had to remove the Passionfruit vine, fruit and all, from growing over the trees. To a certain extent this has been an advantage as it has kept the avocado low with the weight on the branches. So it was dumped on the ground waiting for me to sort out its vines, and prune for over winter.

Filling in all the holes and fixing the area up.

While this was all happening a Seedless Red Grape turned up in the mail, so I dug up the female kiwi fruit, another non fruiting event, despite the vigorous nature of the male plant, and planted the grape. Easy Peasy in this case, so in KonMari terms, I thanked them both for it. You never know it may help.

Red Crimson Seedless Grape

Next the Roses. Till next time take care.

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