Saturday, March 19, 2016


Renovating Old Furniture

I was given a set of drawers that had been sitting in someones office for a long time,  it was for free, the only furniture to get. I think it would have been made to  use in a bedroom, but in my case I thought it would be good for tablecloths.

Not very Pretty.
It required a lot of sanding especially the top. I decided to paint it white and lacquer the top as is. I put new shell handles on it to give it a more modern look.

Looks New Now

This is how it looked.

So then we moved it into its new setting, and I am very pleased with it.

Brand new cupboard.
 I filled the bottom two drawers with tablecloths, and one of the top ones holds hot water bottles, and place mats and serviettes the other. Very handy spot.

The built in cupboard that this was sitting next to, now looked very old and dated so I decided I had better paint that as well. An awkward spot to photograph I might add.

Looking Bare

The back was plywood so John added a regency lining board on top. Then I just painted the drawers as the frame around the glass was awkward without getting paint on it and I was in a hurry.

 It certainly brightened up this area.

Then I filled it with my china collections, amber and greenware and little china baskets.
I can always find something to paint.

Till next time.

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