Sunday, February 3, 2019


Seeds and Seedlings

I am only going to do a quick blog post today as I have a rather nasty toothache that is affected by hot drinks.
According to what I read it is a nerve dying which may means root canal. We shall see. Why do these things happen on a weekend is what I want to know.

Anyway I have been busy with the seeds and trying to get some things started, as I have a talk on beginner gardens at the end of next month and 2nd. to get some plants growing for March also. Some plants I rescued from throw outs, sorted cuttings that didn't take. I am emptying the glasshouse of everything as well.

The verandah is covered everywhere with pots and a real mess. This I will have to clean up as my brother and his wife will be here next weekend, and it looks terrible. I started most of the seeds off on a paper towel, which I wet and put inside a plastic bag. Only takes 2 days or so for them to germinate, then you have to be quick in putting them into soil. This lets me know if they do germinate as in this weather, they could dry out so easily.

With no rain here for what feels likes months, it is always unbelievable how the weeds grow, especially the nut grass. I managed to clean this garden yesterday and planted some orange Marigolds. February is time to prune hydrangeas and geraniums and dead head the roses so this I will do soon

Still pruning to go.

The lemon and lime trees have gone bersek in their growing new leaves, it doesn't seem that long since I cut them back a bit. Think they went into shock.

More pruning work.

Well I hope you are managing to get through this hot weather. Hopefully March will bring in some relief.

Finally I found a photo that my brother's dog who had puppies a few years back, so cute. They breed them, but had to show you all.


Till next time, stay cool.

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