Sunday, February 10, 2019


Family Week

 It has been an interesting and busy week this time, between root canals, and painful nights with my poor mouth, I am very pleased  my brother and sister in law arrived for a visit to mum. Keeping busy was the best thing for "whoa is me syndrome". I don't know if she recognised him as he now has a beard lol.. shock to me, and we only stayed 30 mins as mum fell asleep.

Family together

 So we ended up down at the favorite restaurant, Anchors Wharf, for coffee etc. We then decided to show them the walk at the beach at Urunga. Built many years ago it goes right out to an island. We stopped half way as it is very long.

Back to the Car Direction

 Two rivers meet in this area the Bellinger and the Kalang then there is this entrance where all the action is.

Looking out to sea

Part of the river with an old lido breakwater destroyed by a storm.

  Lots of mangroves around.

We passed a few fisherman on the bridge but none were catching anything, and one brave fellow climbed down to the rocks.
We have had a lot of windy days and this day was no exception.

Brother and Sister.

Long Way Back

After walking up and down this, we went off to Hungry Head beach lookout.

Hungry Head Lookout

Then went off the old Highway to the Honey Bee Place. Not a lot of visitors now like they used to have, which is a shame.

Working Bees still there

Bug houses or native bees.

To round the day off we had dinner down by the river for a BBQ.

Malaysian Satay Chicken Skewers.

We took our own BBQ as the public ones are so slow and not hot at all. Usual Dump Chooks and Bush Turkeys hanging around. Not so long ago there weren't any at all.

Love the way the seagulls face the wind.

Had to show you all this sign we found on our travels.

Beware of Kangarsaurus

More to go later, so have a good week everyone.

Till Next Time.

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