Sunday, January 27, 2019


Cleaning up the Garden

Is everyone sick of this hot hot weather and the wind that never stops. According to a fisherman friend, it has been 2 months since the weather turned nasty for him. Wind being a main factor.

Every morning before 9am. I go out for an hour or two and clean up each individual garden. There are 16 in all, some big some 1 metre across. I must think of a system that works with each garden each week. Say do 2- 3 gardens a day, just to keep up with it.

New Climbing Beans, and an old Eggplant
This was Full of Perpetual Leeks

We bought a new Avocado as the one I have had for probably 10 years now, flowers but never fruits, so bought a Haas which is a Type A from Bunnings,  and boy are they getting expensive at $64, which on checking on online producer are roughly the same by the time you add postage.

Haas Avocado

John kindly cut down the peachcot tree and this is where I will plant it. Then I will try and get a 2nd one a B group to plant where the nectarine one is, leaving the Mulberry in the middle. The heat now over the years, is too much for these low chill ones, so time to start again.

One large gap

The olive tree is covered in green olives still fairly young but the white breasted pidgeons also enjoy them at this stage. We have tried rubber snakes, but they ignore them. Netted with bags 13 lots but that is only about 100 olives. So some time will try and wrap a net around as far as I can reach. Don't mind sharing but they do tend to eat the lot.

Covering the Olives

We are still picking tomatoes, cucumbers,capsicum and lettuce regularly and I have planted the perpetual onions. 

New Perpetual Leeks bed at the front.

 Also bought some Russian garlic off my sister's workmate who grows it commercially, so hopefully it will do well also. Apparently it has to be planted at Easter.

Large Russian Garlic Bulbs.
I feel I am early this year in starting the cleaning of the gardens, but with all our heat a lot of things have dried up early, usually they hang on for a bit longer. It is starting to come together now slowly, as most of the day I am in air conditioning.

This week  the Gospel Choir started back and this time I took John, who I think he enjoyed himself, with the other men. They have been going for a year now and me twice, but with 4 new songs sung last week a bit of a struggle. Our choirmaster teaches by rote, no music or no written words, not what I am used too.

Till Next Time

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  1. You have been busy in the garden.

    It's too cold for me to do any gardening here. :)

    I have read that it's difficult to know whether an avocado plant is male or female, and it take years to have fruit especially if there are no other avocado trees nearby.


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