Sunday, December 30, 2018


Christmas Time 2018

Well it has certainly been a busy busy time this Christmas, with all 5 children home, plus partners and their children, 16 in total, we have been very busy going to one outing after the other. Our youngest daughter and husband flew in from California, and haven't been home for 3 years.

Both my sister's 2 girls and my children all visited our mum at the nursing home, followed by morning tea/brunch at our favorite restaurant near her, perched on the river. It was quite a bit overwhelming to have so many visitors, and we only stayed 30 mins.

Christmas Eve had us touring the local house lights, showing how some people go to a great deal of trouble. Lots of cars everywhere, doing the same thing as well. Does anyone else do that?



 Christmas day was spent having croissants with bacon,egg and tomatoes, to set us up for the day. We opened presents in the morning, from under our loaded tree, after all the very excited grandchildren arrived.
Presents stacked on top of each other.
 We took it nice and slow and had a couple of breaks as well, so we weren't finished till 1pm. So much laughter and ooooh's and aaaah's, and bags of paper afterwards. The quiet after the gang went home was amazing, and all 6 of us left spent some quiet time.

No lunch as we had eaten bits and pieces while opening the presents, I had to get the  nutella cheesecake and pavlova ready, which I had made the bases earlier, to take with us.

About 3pm we joined  the others and had a pleasant lunch under the pecan tree. It wasn't too hot and a nice breeze. Cold roasts of  lamb,beef, pork and turkey. Hot veg of pumpkin, new potatoes from my garden, and carrots picked earlier. Various homemade sauces. Lots of wine and laughter. As much as I would love to show all the family playing ball, eating etc. rule with children is not too.


We stayed till the evening, enjoying a board game.
Boxing day was another quiet one, cleaning up for me though and preparing for our 3rd. sons 39th birthday on the 27th. down at the river again.

Busy doing sausages and satay chicken. 

The kids supervised by all the adults went swimming while dinner was being prepared.

Our 2 daughters and John, showing off cameras.
Had to show mine lol.
The youngest daughter and husband are now flying back home to the USA as I type. Hoping 2019 we will Skype regularly as it is very hard not seeing them or participating in their everyday lives.

We are now on our own, mountain of washing done. No2 son  and family, is still here camping on the eldest's acre and we will get together for New Years Day, as well as see my sister for her 61st. birthday, on that day. The year has  certainly gone fast.

Time to make a New Years Achievement list, think of a Word For The Year to focus on, and relax.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2019.

Till Next Time.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time surrounded by loved ones.
    I like driving around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights, but didn't do it this year.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Chris sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Cheers to 2019.

  3. Sounds like a delightful Christmas Chris. So happy to hear your daughter came home to join you for the big day. It is always a blessing to have all the family together.

    Those lights are spectacular! We have not done the tour around our town in years, mostly because the kids are all left home now. But you know what? After seeing your displays I am definitely going to add lights tour to my list for next Christmas.

    Happy New Year to you and yours,

    1. Thanks Tania, and you know what, there were more seniors walking around with lights, it gives you that Christmas buzz

  4. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, so good to end up an otherwise turbulent year! We used to cruise around and look at the Christmas lights here, but council has put some stupid rule in place which has discouraged many. Another reason for people not doing it any more is the vandalism. In the last few years, entire streets have had their decorations wrecked by vandals, it is very disheartening.

  5. That is so sad Gina, especially when you think of the true meaning of Christmas.


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