Sunday, November 25, 2018


Einstein's Pamper Session

It has been another quiet week, John away on various things and the community garden, so just Einstein and I,  and I decided it was time to get his fur cut, plus his nails, and of course washed as well.

The problem with him is the fur gets in the rug and I usually have to deal with it by hand with a small scrubbing brush in a circular movement. The vacuum gets a bit but not all, such a pain.


There is a cute little blue doggy trailer locally, that is a franchise I think Australia wide, and you can book online which I like so very easy. Violet runs the local one and arrived at 12 noon. She is very used to old dogs as well, so was very careful with him and his arthritic back leg.

Parked in the Driveway

The vans are really well equipped, including a dog bath, and a sink, cupboards, for equipment etc. A connected hose fills the dog bath, and I presume heated as well, as she also plugged into the electric power, to use the clippers.

               So cute for a van, great idea.
Took about an hour for Violet to get it all done, and Einstein now looks like a big puppy lol. This morning though he was shivering so may have to find a blanket for him.


The weather here has been really odd, cold in the mornings, but then really hot by 11, so I have been doing short stints in the garden trying to keep weeds down. Planted some more carrots, climbing beans, rocket, beetroot. We bought some more cow manure and mushroom compost to fill the beds up as they had sunk down from the first lot.

Grown from Evi's sweetpea seeds.

Picked some sweet peas from my garden with seeds I got from Evi a forum member. My sister and I cleaned up after hours quite a few gardens in the front area  of the community garden, as it was a real mess, in preparation for the local member visit on a grant John managed to get, which was the next day.  I picked some sunflowers and zinnias from there on the way home. Next day went to greet Luke Hartsuyker and we were on the NBN news. Our interview was cut, and he said Coffs Community Garden lol, and lucky I caught it from the tv.

Jan and I will look at helping in the garden after hours, when it is cool, especially sorting out the bush house, and seedling starting.

This weekend was supposed to be a scrap booking one at the guide hall, but unfortunately was cancelled Friday night.  All my stuff was in the car ready as well.
I was so looking forward to it too, the first time I didn't have to be at the community garden. In the end though I still spent 9am to 5pm scrapbooking at home. Managed to get a lot done as well.
I do hope you all had a great week.

Till next time.

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