Sunday, August 5, 2018


A Square Foot Garden System

I gave a square foot garden demonstration to the club members today as part of our monthly meeting.
Now that my own garden has raised beds it suits this system very easily. I have done it before and have Mel Bartholomew's first book printed in 1981. There would be very few gardeners who haven't heard of this but I was surprised that today no-one knew.

A well read book

This morning before the meeting I pre-dug the garden and set out some venetian blind shutter pieces that John cut a slot in to, so it was an easy way of just slotting together. Another way is to put screws in the wood and wind string across to form the  12 inch squares.Really you could divide any bed into roughly 30cm or 12 inch size to fit across, and not stick to exact measurements.

Netting put up at one end.

We put some netting up and planted a Spacesaver cucumber as these can be grown in pots, so I think it won't be too vigorous.

Garden Bed Ready

As I left it for the meeting.

I handed out to everyone some information on how many plants to the square, and showed them that you can glue, with a water soluble glue, seeds onto a paper towel. Last time I did this the towels fit exactly so didn't think anything of it till I actually put them into the square. Should of realised that they had got smaller like everything else does, but still stay the same price.
Nice to see everyone listening

Planting Carrots and spring onions, seeds stuck to paper towel.

My own garden at home just starting.

Luckily I also had some seed strips of beetroot by Fothergills and cut up 4 to fit the square. This let me show 4 methods of planting things. Strips, paper towel, on its own, and seeds. If you wish to know more about how many seeds to the square just google for more info, plenty of it out there.

Beetroot Strips

This meeting was our 2nd birthday of signing the license agreement from the council to operate. It wasn't till May 2017 when I took over a flat block as Co-ordinator Manager that we got going. Very pleased with how it has turned out also being of my design more or less.

We had cake as well.

So busy day today even got a couple of new members. Beans were planted, pumpkins also and the beginning of our flower beds. Very pleased.

Till next time.

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday! Such a wonderful group, really cool trick with the seeds on the paper towel. Well done, looking forwards to what Spring brings. :)


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