Sunday, July 29, 2018


A Tale of Repair and Renew

It has been a week of getting the Community Garden back on it's feet after our vandal attack. The first thing was to  repair the shade cloth which was easily done by stitching it together with fishing line.

You can barely see the stitch line.

The side panel we used a cross action similar to  tying shoelaces after putting some line up and down the tear, then with a  new bit of line treated it by crossing and pulling from the top down.
The back one the men took the panel off altogether so a simple running backstitch line, sewing firmly the two sides together  and took the strength of the stretching, when put back.

Once this was all done, left over fencing wire was put around to hopefully discourage it happening again.

Today was a case of sorting out all the pots, repotting, cleaning the floor, as dirt was everywhere. We did pick up most of the pots after the Police came but some had very little dirt, others just didn't survive. This morning we finished it all off.

Work in Progress

Work was also started on the 4th quadrant which is what we will turn into a cut flower garden to sell specifically at the market we go to every month. This  months market was a dismal failure with only $16 of goods sold after 4 hours work. We had very little interest, so next month working on some salad seedlings and succulants, by summer we should have the first run of flowers.

Levelling off the area witch had 3 piles of rocky fill placed there.

Meanwhile more work was done on the arch as we need a joining post across the top before any wire or climbing frame can go on.

A few of the ladies watered madly as it was so hot today, reaching 27C. Rain is expected but only a 20 percent chance. We need it badly.

Morning Tea Table

A couple of garden views.

The blueberry hedge was also planted today, although I will have to do something about the ph level . They like it acidic and it was very alkaline. These particular blueberries grow to 1 1/2 metres high, and were donated from the local group who supply all the blueberry farms in this area. 

Blueberry Hedge line

Planted after what will be Grapevines, hence the 3 posts, and before the Bush Tucker. A Rosella hedge will be after the blueberries.

Believe it or not 10 Blueberry bushes in this line up.

Meanwhile back at home I have been potting up seedlings and starting seeds, so much so, that the glasshouse is now very full. Most of it for the Community Garden.

A tray load taken today mostly pumpkins and tomatoes.

I need a holiday!!

Till next time. 

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