Sunday, July 22, 2018


Vandals at the Community Garden

It was with great disappointment today that we discovered vandals had cut through the mesh on our Bush House and ripped trays of plants up and threw containers and pots everywhere.

From the Doorway looking in

Mess on the floor

They used polypipe from the IBC 's holding water which they broke and used the sharp ends to cut through. Luckily the water didn't escape. I say they as why would one person do it, a group often encourages each other into mischief.

Slash on Side obviously didn't work so they did another at the back.

I cannot fathom why anyone would bother to destroy the plants. All our hard work of getting the bush house together, which has only been completed a month, to be messed up for no reason whatsoever. The police have been and taken fingerprints but I don't think much will come of it. So we will patch it up and hope it doesn't happen again.

Back slash where they got in, we presume.

Hard to see but a large tray of filled pots was up ended to the back of the bench.

While waiting for the Police to come 4 of us worked on the back of the Bush House making a pumpkin patch. We cleared the grass by hand and John finally got the Rotary Hoe going after weeks of working with the motor, managed to dig up the soil.

Future Pumpkin Patch

Looking to the back of the land towards  the Highway. Large Black half tank to be cut into three.

The weather early morning has been really cold, but during the day lovely and warm so we have started seeds for our Spring crops. Luckily they weren't touched as nothing had come through and looked like punnets of dirt.

Till next time.


  1. Oh, that's awful.
    Why would anyone want to simply destroy someone else's property? I hope they will be caught.

  2. Unbelievable. :( After all that effort for something that should be a symbol of community and hope, to have it vandalised is such a sad turn of events. I hope the group rebuild and are more determined for it.

  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY just caught up with some of your posts, that birthday cake looked awesome!
    VANDALS! why do they do what they do? that seriously can't be fun??? here's a tip for you, as it was probably young kids, save up & get wire mesh high enough to go round the inside of the tunnel walls, or outside but shade cloth is easy to sew up, then they won't be able to cut through so easily or get in, hopefully. with any luck they won't come back. good luck with the pumpkin patch too!
    thanx for sharing

  4. Really sad to read what has happened to your Bush House. I'm am not sure how people find joy in destroying or damaging things like this. It really shows a lack of respect for other people and their hard work. I hope you'll be able to patch it up and keep on growing! Meg


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