Sunday, May 13, 2018


Mother's Day 2018

I must admit, while the children were still at home Mother's Day was great, now a days it is a non event. I did get some flowers, but as there was no greeting on it I know not who from and if any of them ring, I shall ask. At 3pm though it is still a mystery.

My sister and I went and visited our mum last Thursday, with some slippers for her, but she didn't really know us and mumbles so we can't really understand what she says. So sad, a terrible way to get old.

I love the yellow, especially the roses.

In the meantime spent the morning as usual at the Community Garden. Not many turned up today and I watered every plant except the bank garden as I ran out of time. I also managed to plant several rows of turnips, beetroot and celeriac which is a new one for me. When we arrived home at lunchtime what a surprise to see the flowers on the verandah bench.

Having spent the last two days helping get our own new beds going, I am certainly feeling the tiredness now.

The first bed

The first wood bed is doing well, I have discovered that the black mesh still lets the white butterfly in so spending too much time looking for eggs and caterpillars. I have asked John to change over to vegenet instead. The ends are stapled on to pieces of wood, to the width of each section, and can be rolled up when not in use. The wood strip placed on the ledge and the fabric thrown over to the other side, with the 2nd. wood strip. A special one will be made for the ends.

The back bed
Three new beds.

This is how the three left hand side beds look now, middle one still being filled. The back one is half planted up with brassicas. The fence line ones still need more weeding and soil. The back right hand brick one is the new herb bed.

New Herb Bed

The herb bed I have transplanted what I need from across the path from the old one. Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, parsley, Chilli and Salad Burnet. I have still to plant Basil. Most likely I will also plant alyssum and maybe marigold in the spaces left.

Old Herb Bed

The old one was full of nut grass and couch and needed a good clean out, before we put good soil in. I don't  ever expect to get rid of the nut grass, but this will help. I am still working on this one.

Well another knock at the door with a delivery of more flowers, this time with a greeting from our eldest daughter, so I suspect the first one is from our youngest in America. The three boys most likely will ring tonight.

More pink in this one.

With the weather being so cold at night there has been some fantastic sunsets, this is two of some  I took last week, off the back verandah.


A bit closer

Hope all the mothers had a lovely day.

Till Next Time.


  1. Gorgeous sunsets, they're so nice! Yes the first set were from your youngest. Unfortunate that the card wasn't included, I will follow up on that. The message was supposed to read: "Thanks for being the best Mum! Have a wonderful mothers day..." I love K's white roses, so lovely. :)

  2. Glad you liked the flowers. The sunset shots are awesome. Can't wait to see the new gardens when I visit it's going to look so different.


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