Sunday, March 4, 2018


Life Happens with a Garden

What a busy week I have had, this week. It has been all go,go,go. The first thing was getting the house organized for an overnight stay by the Sydney family of 5 on their way for a gold coast holiday. Of course all my sewing, ironing in the spare bedrooms had to be sorted, which took several days. I  managed to finish off two cushions for the caravan in the middle of that.

Made with Outdoor Fabric

These are much bigger to lean on for a couch effect on the beds,  as I found the smaller ones I made too small and not comfortable.

Squaring it all off.

John has been putting together another bed despite our very hot weather,  plus installing orange pipe for holding the hoops and bean structures as required.

Edging done at sitting height plus orange pipes for putting polypipe into

This is our front verandah at the moment. No visitors please.

The other side, started  pulling apart the 2nd tin bed which is all rusty.

Getting ready to weed this, for the long beds to be place here.

I have been working on seeds again, this time getting a collection together in order for the members to glue and stick labels on. Ordered seed packets and a stamp then made 12 packets consisting of seeds, 8 stamped envelopes, instructions and pictures all to glue and stick and add the seeds to which I gave out today at the meeting.

Seeds packets done ready for  selling.

Every flat surface in the house is covered in something. Now that it is all in the computer, everything  is  ready for printing, and next time it will be a little easier and I only have to add new ones as they come along.

Yep one flat surface.

The best news of all is that this past fortnight John and I have been working on getting a pavilion together. We are changing our Community Garden insurance through Landcare and managed to save enough money through that, to put away next years as well, plus gain some more to join with the Fund Raising money I did last year. We can now  order a double gable roofed carport 6m x 6m.

Sign I designed and ordered for our Markets stands when we need it.

 It has to go through council of course and I had fingers crossed presenting it to the members and after much discussion they passed that it be purchased. Another long process to go before council etc. and the members will have to put it together but now I can put a deposit on it, while we wait for all the approvals needed. It is going to make such difference to the running of the Garden. So exciting.

In 2 weeks we are having a working bee to finally put the  2nd hand Polytunnel up as well.

Definitely been a great meeting this month.

Till Next Time.


  1. The seed packets are a lot of fun. :) That front garden is way more functional than just a pathway leading up to the front door. Great post

  2. I really like your new raised bed. The edging and the orange pipes for polypipes are great.

  3. Love the big cushions, much better than small tizzy decorative ones. John does an incredible amount of work - just don't let him overdo things! Even men need rest, lol!

    1. He does rest Gina E. The digging I am helping him with.


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