Sunday, January 14, 2018


The Beauty Of Sunflowers

I went to the Community Gardens today as I do every Sunday but this week the Sunflowers just spoke to me. All lined up along the fence. Originally these seeds came in an Anniversary Yates Tin full of heritage seeds, given to me by my best friend. While I managed to plant the others the Sunflowers were alluding me. Finally I gave them to a garden member and she planted them along the fence line. The chances of them growing was slim as I had them for probably 5 years but always in the fridge. Voila nearly all of them came up.

Such a golden yellow

As I arrived at the garden, early this morning, there they were all  facing the morning sun. It looked so pretty.

Can you see the happy faces?

The biggest one is the size of a dinner plate. The seeds aren't ready yet the bees are still harvesting the nectar, but hopefully we will beat the birds and get some for ourselves.

Why is this one so big and lovely?

The front entrance is looking lovely at the moment, despite all the hot weather.

Meanwhile back at home I have been pulling up the carrots in readiness for the changeover of the garden. Only did half the bed but they weighed 3.5 kgs. Dumped them all in the sink while I had morning tea, I wasn't sure if to freeze or dehydrate them. Dehydrate won out though as once I checked the freezer space, I already have 5 kgs. of carrots frozen.

Getting ready for processing.

 It was 35C degrees when I did this and took 3 hours to process, then I  put them in  the dehydrator, which went into a spare bedroom, I didn't want to add  more heat where we were.

Small ones I did freeze.

Nearly done

As I write this the weather is finally on the change and it is getting cooler. A good time to do some embroidery.

Till next time.

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