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Warner Bros. Studios - The Making of Harry Potter

I didn't think I would like this as much as I did. Our daughter chose it for a morning visit and the behind the scenes of all 8 of the  Harry Potter movies is represented. The time we were there was also a special on the costuming the actors wore, which was placed every now and then at certain exhibits. We caught a taxi to Euston Station and train then went to Watford Junction where we caught the Special Bus. Quite a few of the crowd were also dressed in Harry Potter Style.

Harry Potter Bus - One of many


Once you get inside with all its amazing pictures etc you line up, with audio gear to start the tour. Harry's  Bedroom under the stairs is the beginning while waiting for your group to go in.

Quite Tiny for a Bedroom

Then basically you start in the school hall and walk through into the next section till you get to the end which of course is the "Shop"

Hall is, as is when filming and very large.
Tables which were quite long

Front with  Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape Costumes

All around are models such as the Great Hall. 

 From the Hall you start working through one room after the other, lots of information how things were made even moving parts such as the door that was part of the Bank. Often also a TV screen running small documentaries on for instance make up being put on a character or dressmaking for an actor. Harry's costumes as well as others,  were also constantly being washed and labeled what day it was to be used and marked "Clean". Children actors only spend 4 hrs a day working, the rest of the time on sight at school.

Part of the Wig and Makeup section

Moving stairway with talking pictures.

Potions Class


Moving Bank Door (Gringotts Vault)

Door to the Chamber of Secrets

Stair Entrance in Dumbledore's Room
Daigon Alley with all the shops
Minister of Magic Building.
I was very impressed with all the models and art sections as a pre-requisite and story board ideas.
Lots of original drawings. No detail was missed out. A huge selection also. See if you can recognize anything.



Harry's Owl

Book of Spells
The Three Broomsticks

After all the art we then went into a new exhibit of the Forbidden Forest. The "wood" of the huge trees was very real and you could see a board on how they were made. The spiders dropped down unexpectedly and very dark.

Buckbeak he actually bent down.
Massive Big Spiders

Once through the Forest we then went outside to the Train Station to view Hogwarts Express.

Of course Platform 9 and  3/4.

 The train also featured the different carriages for the different movies and the characters got older and moved up a year.

First Movie with all the chocolate treats.

We then went outside to the Original Street where Harry lived with his Uncle.

4 Privet Drive

Mail of his Entrance to Hogwarts.
Knight Bus in the Prisoner of Azkaban

Covered Bridge from the Battle of Hogwarts

Chess Pieces from the first movie.

This model was very very large and used for a lot of the flying scenes. It had lights that turned it from day to night and could be covered in snow, with special effects.

Wand choosing in the shop at the end. No I didn't get one but it looked great.

Trying on the Hat.

Well that's it,  was a huge morning with so much to see. From there we went on to the musical Wicked  my birthday present which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fantastic Costumes

Image result for Wicked

Hope you enjoyed seeing The Making of Harry Potter. (Condensed Version)

Till next time. Off to Greece.


  1. I’ve only read the first few books and seen a few movies however loved them all. The kids are big Harry Potter fans. I’ll be showing them your photos when they wake up. I think I would have to pinch myself standing in Daigon Alley and seeing all the familiar sets. Love the photo of you pushing your trolley through the wall. Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful time in Greece.

  2. absolutely awesome thankyou for the tour, you both looked great
    i love the books too.
    enjoy your greek holiday
    thanx for sharing


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