Monday, September 18, 2017


Holiday Time Again

We are getting ready to go on an overseas holiday with our eldest daughter. She loves to travel but not on her own so as we visited our youngest last year, decided we would go again this year. It meant another long year of saving hard and giving up a few things, but we made it. This time heading off to Greece for a 12 day bus/boat trip, via London for 4 nights, and back through Singapore for 6 days.

Globus Bus in Greece
Looking up the weather have had to pack for the autumn in London with under 20C temp and 20 - 30C in Greece but over 30C in Singapore. Watching this week Greece is going to hit 36C so a bit of a wake up for us.

12 kgs. not bad

I decided to pack small and ended up putting in 2 skirts as I prefer them for hot weather, 2 jeans and lighter slacks. 3 shirts for each outfit with a couple of lacy ones for dinners and such. Not forgetting our Theatre visit and dinner as well for my birthday present. Shoes were fancy thongs for real hot weather, a flat pair for Singapore and joggers for climbing up to the ruins of Greece. Plus I am carrying a jacket and hat. All of this fitted into my carry on bag but it weighs more than 7 kgs so will put it through as normal. I will still have a carry on with overnight things as we have a stop over in Singapore on the way. 8 hrs to there and then 13 hours to London. Then 4 hrs to Greece after 4 days. It is too far for us now in one go.

Tickets all ready.

I have also been working on a holiday planner, cutting out pages, and using my dies for days of the week, taking a weather stamp set, glue, stapler, pens of course.

Sizzix Dies

My aim is to collect bits and pieces as I write about my day and cut out and stick things in as well. Will still collect brochures for my Scrapbook album, but this is just a diary so I remember which day is what.

New page New Day.

So we are all ready, getting excited.

Till Next Time.

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  1. Oh how exciting Chris. Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return.


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