Sunday, September 3, 2017


All About Vegetables

Last time it was all  about the flowers, but this week I have been working on the vegetable seedlings. I had started some bean seeds on paper towels and had to plant them.

Climbing Black Mexican, Purple King, Dwarf Windsor Long Pod.

These I planted where the peas were but with new soil and lots of new manure.

Beans planted here, need to put up new strings.

I re-potted all the tiny seedlings as they were all getting bigger which I will plant in a  few weeks. By the time the broccoli are ready to pull out, the seedlings can go in. There are tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, chinese celery, some flowers.

All sorts of plants here on the self watering table.

So while I was in the glasshouse potting up, also decided I had better put up some shade cloth to cut down the heat. It has been as low as 5 and 6C overnight but during the day the mid 20's, and the glasshouse gets really hot. Then I swept it out and tidied up in general.

Might need more later but this will do for now.

 Having the manure also meant piling it up around what was already in to give them a boost. Fed the Citrus, sprayed and fed the roses also, they are all coming in to leaf now and look lovely. The vegetables from winter are all progressing nicely and I have been picking, broccoli, leeks, tomatoes, lettuce, and cabbage and lots of flowers.

Front garden with glass house in back
Flower garden in front.

 Meanwhile in the garden planted cucumber, beans and climbing beans as mentioned,  yellow and green zucchini, button squash, one Roma tomato as it got so big, 4 smaller ones Thai Pink, Bumblebee, Tropic and Scorpio, button squash,  and more spinach.

Broad Beans

Garlic Bed.
4 Tomatoes and a transplanted Basil.

This week was also my hospital infusion, and a heart Dr. visit which I passed with flying colours, it has been 6 months since I went haywire with that and now don't have to go back for 2 years to do the treadmill thing again, just my normal yearly check up.

We had a slight sprinkle of rain one night this week, but I couldn't tell next morning, more wind than anything. Seems to be raining elsewhere in Australia, just not in this pocket.  Having to cart more and more water down to the community garden is also wearing a bit thin and I have no clue how to fix that either. 

Till Next Time, stay safe everyone.


  1. Your garden is just amazing. You have such a huge variety and it all looks so healthy.
    I'm happy to hear all went well with the heart doctor. I had to do the treadmill test as my resting HR was only 39 and had to wear that 24 hour thingy. All was good and no more treadmill. They do make you work hard on those things.

  2. Love all the pics, hoping one day to again have flowers for the soul, but first the food for the body.


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