Saturday, May 6, 2017


Mum's Birthday Treat and My Overgrown Garden

Every year we take Mum to a little restaurant at Nana Glen. It seems in the middle of no where, but a nice fairly long drive through the hills around Coffs Harbour to this tiny town. It has a winery, several farms with  shops and a post office, general store and this restaurant, Kafe Kookaburra. It has become a bit of a tradition as it seems mum's birthday was always when they visited us.

My Mum Yvonne

It also happens to be John's birthday same month of  April and our two daughters, so we celebrate for all. Mum was 84 and probably completely forgotten the day, but we remember for her.

Mum and her two girls

We have found in the past weeks since coming home, that mum now, doesn't remember us even taking her out 10 mins before to a local coffee shop, and is expecting to "go out" when we just got back. So hard to see it happening, her whole life married for 63 years and 4 children all gone. The sooner they get a grip on Dementia and Alzheimer's the better.

Birthday Pals

My garden on the other hand is an absolute overgrown mess after all the rain.
 Pumpkin vines growing madly through the golden shallots

Shallot Bed Needs Sorting
 As it is sub tropical not really cold so everything has gone mad. Basil seedlings were growing in the stoney path, sweet potato vine all over the place.

All the basil plants went to seed.

Orange daisy now in the path as well as the lettuce bed.

It is a lovely colour the orange daisy.

Forget the lettuces they all went to seed. I forgot I had draped an old lettuce over the bean frame and it seems to have liked the rain.

Never seen so many seedlings in one space before.

 One good thing though the dahlias were magnificent.

Love the colour ,pale pink ones nowhere to be seen. Think I lost them.

So on that note, will catch up next time, I have a ton of work to do.

Stay safe.


  1. That is a beautiful photo of you with your mum and sister Chris. Your mum looks so happy, you all do and so close. Hugs for you.

    Your garden really has been busy. Love those orange flowers too.

    Have a great Sunday.


    1. Thank you Kylie. Will be blogging about cleaning the garden soon.

  2. Your mom is just beautiful. She looks so happy. Your garden is gorgeous, too! What a green thumb you have...

    1. Thank you for commenting. The weather here helps my green thumb.

  3. Wait, so are all of those little green sprouts lettuces? You have to show us what that looks like when they're fully grown. It's going to be a lettuce bush! Great photo's

    1. I have actually been picking some like micro lettuce, and spreading around garden to grow, and trying to thin the patch out. They are growing well though.


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