Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day in Australia today, the 2nd Sunday in May.
I visited my own mum at the nursing home who has not  been too well. My sister picked me up, then we went shopping as the  RN had rung half and hour before,  about getting more winter pajamas as she had lost a lot of weight. We went to our local shopping centre straight away,  and bought her 4 nighties, plus bed socks.

 There is a little coffee shop on the premises but closed on weekends, so we took our own and enjoyed a coffee morning and both of us did a bit of craft. It is cold and wet also, and been raining since last night.

The surprise when I went home was a lovely bunch of flowers from our eldest daughter in Sydney.

So pretty, I hope they stay that way for a week. I had only been home about an hour when another knock at the door, and this time our youngest daughter in America sent an arrangement of flowers.

Also though was a great selection of chocolates, 6 different things in all I can count. I haven't unpacked it yet to see. So pretty in yellow and very unusual as far as gerberas go. Thanks girls.

One son is in NZ for work and he rang at the airport while waiting for his flight home. The other two sons will no doubt ring tonight. We haven't planned to go out so I lit the fire and will settle down for an afternoon of embroidery.

Yesterday we helped make garden beds for the community garden, which I will do a post on soon, but for today I hope all the mothers have a lovely day and their children spoil them.

Till next time


  1. Happy Mother's Day Chris. Sending best wishes to your Mum too and I hope she is ok.

    My parents are on a cruise at the moment so I really missed Mum yesterday. Hubby and the kids gave me the most wonderful day though. One of the highlights was sitting for almost two hours late morning in the lounge room with a pot of tea. At one stage I was cross stitching, hubby reading, kids practically on top of us. They really couldn't get any closer. It was the best.

    I hope you had a wonderful afternoon in front of that fire with your embroidery and a good chat with your sons when they called.

    Looking forward to your post on the community garden beds.

    Have a great Monday.


  2. Those flowers in the background look great with that fireplace! Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Any chance of us getting to see a pic of your embroidery when it's done?


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