Sunday, January 22, 2017


Planner Time 2017 - Something New

This year I decided to make my own planner. Nothing new really I suppose,  as I have made several, but I wanted one for my everyday planner. Something that fitted in lots and lots of sections. The filofax cover is great but it is limited to how much you can fit in. I had seen lots of photos, blogs and videos on The Happy Planner and decided to give it a go.

Arc Disc Punch

I already have an ARC punch which is used for discbound books and journals which was supposed to able to be integrated with the Happy Planner disc system, so it was just a case of ordering some of the very large discs that the Happy Planner people have, along with a small kit of undated pages that also included 6 tabbed insert pages, which is what I really wanted, to get the idea of size. I also wanted to make my own cover as well. This is probably what started me off on the crafting planner journey.

I downloaded a new 2017 planner from Perfectly Organized at Etsy. I also downloaded Goal Setting Inserts from Organise with Katie, as this year I really want to finish some large goals.

New Daily Pages

If you are keeping up with me you know that I do scrapbooking and I wanted to have a go at a mixed media cover for my journal. This took a bit of organizing as I had to get some thin cardboard for the cover and to cut out bits and pieces for it. In the end I sent away for some A5 cardboard,  and cut out pieces that revolved around time.

 My word for the year is" Remember". Definitely fitting, to remember to keep going on the goals and not give up halfway.

I have only just finished the cover this week and decided to get the professional leather look cover to keep it all together, in a bright yellow from yet again the Happy Planner supplier, Scrapboutique in Qld. Decided that in yellow I would be able to see the book amongst everything else scattered about. My filofax cover is Red, which I will probably use for something else.

New "Won't Get Lost" Cover
Inside Navy and White Striped

The first problem I came across is the different size holes from the ARC  compared to the size in the HP inserts. The Arc are much smaller in the length of the cut, it still works but you have to be careful turning the pages and pulling them in and out. I can live with it.

 Smaller discs in the ARC range are fine but they do not have the really big size I needed to hold all the sections. They are known as Expander Discs, and are 45mm or 1.75 inches across, 9 in a packet in all sorts of colours.
Gold Discs.

The new yellow cover helps a lot in keeping all this together. The temptation to get a HP hole punch is great but I am trying not to as I already own 2 filofax punches, the ARC punch, 2 hole and a single hole punch, plus you can add a binding machine which also makes booklets. Yep addicted.

So here it is, my very own mixed  media cover.
First Time Mixed Media
 It is in my planner now and up and running. Still to get a few things for the cover pockets like stickers.Also like the pen holder on the side. I am looking forward to using it every day. How is your planner going?

2017 Planner

Till next time.

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