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Back from America - Week 3 -Finally Irvine

This is my final part of our wonderful holiday in the States. Week 3 had us visiting our youngest daughter and husband. They moved over there a couple of weeks after they were married, 41/2 years ago. Both of them have returned home to renew visas etc. but as parents, it is very hard not to be included in their life, so it was time to actually get a feeling of where they lived and their friends.

So after San Diego it was off to Irvine, roughly 2 hours away. We called in at La Jolla, a tiny seaside village where the seals gather on rocks. We did see seals and had coffee on the tiniest balcony I have ever seen in a coffee shop. It was an awkward place to get too and as usual, lots of traffic.

La Jolla Coastline

Seals sleeping the day away.

One tiny balcony

Our daughter is an animator and her husband is developing Virtual Reality games. They live in an area full of palm trees and very well thought out apartment blocks.

Typical entrance of the many apartments blocks in this area.

We walked around the area to get a feel.  Another typical side street.

Together again

 We met her at work and were introduced to her boss Samwise Didier famous for developing World of Warcraft games.

Special Moment

Famous Icon of Blizzard  at Entrance.

Our daughter had a tourist plan organized for us that included every day. Wonderful Dinners out, Mexican, a proper Korean BBQ, Texas smoked BBQ, Soup and Salad specialist at lunches, Canadian food, and  2 market farm visits, shopping, Christmas viewing. Such a busy time but lots of fun.

One of many fantastic displays at a shopping centre.

Shopping Centre

Lights every where wrapped around trees

So many  highlights but to show a few one was a farm visit for breakfast of crepes followed by a demonstration by Chef Pascal. This small market garden farm had a wonderful shop area full of French kitchen utensils and plates, among other cutsey things. Pick your own herbs, lots of different pumpkins.

Watching Demonstration
Part of the shop.
Pumpkins for Sale

Farmlet attached

We had another class later in the week to learn to make croissants at Sur Le Table. Hands on this time.

One of 4 different flavours.

Then a  visit to Catalina Island by Ferry. There were so many people about and we found out that an ocean liner had arrived with 2800 passengers.

Lovely Catalina Island

Main street of the Island.

A mode of transport around this small island are Golf Buggies that you can hire. The locals do use the odd car especially for deliveries from the boats. Mostly though buggies.

Boat tourists went mad with them.

Our daughter had organized another class making tiles in the same patterns as the original ones all over the island shopping area, that date back to the 1800's. Doing classes is such a brilliant idea as a tourist, you learn the history of the places as well.

We made three each and left them to dry with a pattern for the colours. These will be posted to us eventually after they have been  glazed and fired.

A lot of them made are around the rafters.

John never without his camera.

Another lunch at Old Town and we came upon a store dedicated to Fairies. Also classes held here, but we didn't do that one.

Pots, Houses, for Fairies

There was every miniature you can think of here that would go into a flower pot of terrarium.

One example table.

We actually arrived in time for a Thanksgiving dinner, my first one. This we had with all the friends, bring a plate style and quite a few aussies amongst them. I made a Chocolate Ripple Cake having bought the ingredients with me, which disappeared along with Apple Pie our daughter made.
Lots of salads, Turkey, Lamb, and bean, yam and potato dishes.

The large table was in another complex that we walked to, with an unusual but practical drink holder down the middle.

The Great Big Table

Drink holder with a bung to later to be emptied out by the grounds staff.

Wonderful array  Food

The family Gathering.

So it was with great sadness we had to come back home, after all the fun we had. A very memorable holiday I must say.

Looking back now on all the photos it seems like a dream.

Having lots of fun.

I hope you enjoyed our visit, please leave a comment, would love to hear from you.

Till next time.

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