Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Plum Tree

Last year we picked so many plums  I  had to bottle them up. I still have lots left over, and I really didn't need anymore this year, so I pruned the tree drastically hoping nothing would fruit. But as with  all plum trees, fruit it did. Not too many thank goodness. It has been a horrible, hot & humid January and the last thing I wanted to do was pick fruit. So early one morning, about 7am, John and I attacked the netting on both the plum and the peachcot, which also had lots of fruit in early December , but I hadn't got around to removing the net. You can see it just at the back in this picture.

Tree from the Verandah

Altogether we picked about 22 kgs, in two varieties, of which I gave my sister 8. The red blood plums ripen the quickest and there weren't very many as quite a few had gone squishy and fallen to the ground. The few that were left I made into a 'Plum Upside Down' cake. Haven't made an upside down cake in years.

2 varieties of plums left over from the first lot I took out of the fridge for the cake.

The recipe I used was a Coles one which consisted of Self Raising Flour and Almond Meal, but I had Hazelnut Meal so I substituted that instead. I creamed the butter and sugar till it was really light as I had been watching The Great British Bakeoff all week in the air conditioned TV room, and I was thoroughly inspired. It baked beautifully.
I was a bit nervous turning it out, and waited 10 mins. before I did, as recommended.

Plum upside down cake

Very pleased with the results. Lasted 3 days, and my sister came over for afternoon tea with a tub of  cream, so that was even better.


It was so nice, and very different from the usual fodder, I have decided to make another one next week with the yellow plums that are still left. They will be a bit riper.

Not only has it been a very hot and humid 3 weeks, but I have also been waiting on an appointment on Monday the 30th to have a malignant melanoma removed, on top of my head which my chiropractor picked up early Dec. I thought it was where I had bumped my head and it had just scabbed up, but by Jan. I decided to get it checked out only to have to wait 8 days for the first biopsy, and another 10 days for the Plastic surgeon to remove it complete as a large biopsy. He thinks that will be that, as its only on the surface and tiny, so hopefully I won't have to go back again unless the 2nd  pathology reading says it wasn't enough. It has been a worry.

So to all my fellow Australians, do check regularly all the spots. According to the Dr. checking with the naked eye every 3 months for any change is enough, and to get it checked if you notice any anomalies. Now you can also get a phone app that will take a photo, then when you do it again, change will be noticed. So refresh your knowledge, and be safe.

Till next time.


  1. WoW, that plum cake looks amazing! Please show us an image of the Yellow Plum version as a comparison. Will be thinking of you on Monday

  2. You inspired me to make a cake with our homegrown nectarines and blackberries
    We had it for tea tonight delicious What an anxious time you have had may you heal well and have peace xx AT


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