Saturday, November 26, 2016


The New Roti Maker

I bought a Roti Maker recently at Aldis $24.95 and it has been the best thing out. Just love it.
 We have lots of curries and love eating at Indian Restaurants where we always get Rotis or Chapatis.
They also blend in  for Thai curries as well.

Roti Maker  with flour lol

 Last week I used them as tortillas as I have a bit of Taco mixture that we pressure can each year, to use up. Preserved canned meals are so easy when you work in the garden all day.

Tonight I have decided to make tortillas  again as I have run out of potatoes and there is no bread in the house and I have sausages to cook. I thought then that we could have sausage and salad in a tortilla. Bit unusual, but lots of salad in the garden, plenty of flour, nice and easy and today is 28 degrees and hot.


My "bread" recipe is
1 cup of flour SR or plain,(lately its SR as I have run out of I do need to go shopping. )            
1 cup of bread flour.
Tablespoon of oil,
Warmish water to mix about a 3/4 cup.
Mix all this up with a wooden spoon and leave in oiled bowl for at least 1/2 hr.

Chopping off 40grms or dough

When ready to cook weigh 40 grms approx less is better, then  roll over in ball and
place in oiled rotimaker, squish and cook.

Turn over after a few seconds.

For Roti's you can leave a bit longer but for tacos they need to be softer, so don't cook too long.

Placed on a Taco Rack

We had chopped up lettuce, tomatoes,cheese and garlic aoili as the sauce.


Till next time.

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