Saturday, September 10, 2016


I Love Hippeastrums

At the moment my hippeastrums in the garden are just finishing up  from being in  bloom. They are often known as "amaryllis", and originally came from South America. They suit this area very well.

I decided to look up in buying more bulbs and got such a shock at the price of them. Have you looked lately? $15 for one bulb only, is about average for the ones that multiply quickly then you can go as  high as $50 for double blooming ones." Blooming Eck"

 The white one came from my Niece and it is just starting to flower for the first time after about 3 years. It reminds of the naming of her first child which is when I picked it up.

These are in a pot so I need to find a place for them. Interesting enough there is a mixed one, 1/2 red/ 1/2 pink. Maybe a new variety.

And the red ones come from my neighbour. Looking around the district there is much the same all over, so I presume each neighbour is passing them on. Somewhere hidden in my garden is a small orange/apricot one that used to bloom prolifically  and came from my Aunty Betty. It used to appear in everyone else's garden as well. So I am hoping the groups of leaves with no flowers are it. Hate to lose that one. My sister thinks she has one so hoping to get a bulb, or the seeds to come true from that.

When they go to seed they look like this.

Inside each capsule is quite a large black seed. So if anyone has got hippeastrums I really would like some more colours. Leave a comment.

Till next time.

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