Thursday, October 6, 2016


DIY Garden Labels

Are you sick of not knowing what you actually planted other than just carrots, or lettuce that you actually recognize but forgot what type. I did use icy pole sticks but they are so small and get lost amongst the growth, and often the pen  I use fades, so in the end unless I record it somewhere it is only a guess.
On Gardening Australia the other day, a hint was given for flat bottom rocks. Paint the bottom of the rock in white, and write on in pencil as it doesn't fade.

This photo idea from the Microgardener.

 I wanted something that is  large enough not to lose and easily seen, and yet also being able to know what Variety of seed I have sown. I have decided that if I paint a generic word like Carrots, Beans, Lettuce etc. on the front, on the back in pencil, I can then write the type. In theory I should be able to use these larger labels every year by rubbing out the pencil.
Years ago we got some flat white venetian blind off cuts from a Blind and Awning factory and cut them up to sell at the markets. I still have those, which I usually write on in texta, but they fade also, so I decided to paint them in my blue paint. Any  flat piece of wood could be used.

Painted both sides.

I was then going to freehand paint the labels, till I had the brilliant idea of using my scrapbook letters that I can cut out from a die. I had also been reading about using 3D Gel recently and I had a very old bottle of it so used that to stick on the letters.

Looks Great

I have been re doing the garden for Summer and so put a couple in that is ready. Hopefully with all the rain they will stay intact. I gave them two coats of gel so should be fairly waterproof.

Shouldn't miss seeing them now.

Till next time.


  1. Great idea and easy to see. You'll have to let us know if the scrapbook letters come off or not in the rain.

  2. Will do, if they start to will put a coat of varnish over them.


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