Thursday, September 29, 2016


Family Day Out

We have just had a wonderful day with all the grandchildren at our eldest son's place. The 2nd son and family in tow, were on their way back from the Gold Coast to Sydney and stayed 2 nights before going home. As it was better to give all 8 children a place to run without having to worry about water, the acre was a good place.

I went and got mum from the nursing home, and we included her in as best as possible. 
On the menu was cold chicken, green salad, cucumber salad, crunchy bread sticks and homemade olives, kimchee, and a roasted  yellow beetroot dip. We played 500 after lunch while the children delved into face painting.

Roasted Yellow  Beetroot Dip

Later we watched a movie and I took mum home about 4.30, hoping that a long family day would do her a world of good, but again I had trouble leaving and she put up a fight and claiming she hadn't seen me for years, while the nurse with arms outstretched by the door, prevented her coming out to the car to wave goodbye. Mind you we had just left the car 5 mins earlier and no matter what I say she wants to do the waving outside.

Family photo with all the great grandkids.
The trouble is the nurses don't have time to indulge in walking her to the front and back again. We tried waving from the outside garden gate, from which she could see the car, but now have been banned from that.

Unfortunately mum has been wheeling her walker to the outside garden gate and trying to climb over. Once also, a  nurse on her way home found mum in the car park. Somehow she had managed to get let out by a visitor, despite warnings on the door that such a thing could happen.  Mum does not make it easy to visit. Dementia is so awful, and the last couple of weeks it has been recognised again Australia wide.

It was a lovely day and Sunday the family all left early and I washed all the sheets and towels, straight away, being nice warm weather, only to have a mad dash in the afternoon as it started to rain. So I gave up for the day and did some sewing.

Till next time.

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