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The Great Ocean Road Tour 5 - Mildura to Home.

The last leg of our big trip has us leaving Mildura at Day 15, and heading  off to West Wyalong  for the night on our way to Dubbo for another 2 night stay. This part of the trip is driving through smaller towns, and mostly wheat and sheep country.

Had to take the straight road.
 Lunch was at Hay, and the final miles of this  trip uneventful. West Wyalong weather by this stage was very, very windy and the van rocked and rolled. I was also very nervous of the trees losing their branches.

West Wyalong

 Next day on the way to Dubbo we stopped for lunch at Parkes, where we went through the Henry Park Tourist Centre. This is 3 museums in one. An all original Elvis collection donated by one of the Wiggles. Parkes is famous for its Elvis Festival held in December, where everyone dresses up like Elvis

Original Costume

An old and antique car collection,

Another Era

Just part of the showroom.

 and the local museum which showcases old household wares.

Some of the town museum.

and a very large collection of old machinery and tractors.  This tourist attraction was well worth the entry fee of $12.00

Never seen so many tractors at once.
Lots of tools everywhere.

Just after Parkes is the town of  Peak Hill established in 1889. Here we looked at the open cut gold mine, now closed.

Peak Hill Open Cut Gold Mine

 It  also has the very first upright wheat storage in Australia. Surprisingly no signage to say so, but we found out on research.

Wheat Storage.

Finally we arrived at Dubbo. This is a very nice town, and I would like to go back and explore it more, but we were here to visit the Open Plain Zoo, which we did early the next morning.

Every town should have their name in topiary

Dubbo Caravan Park.

Camp Kitchen at Dubbo, was one of the best but by this stage I was feeling very tired.

Great Camp Kitchen at Dubbo.

At the zoo you can drive your car around, hire bikes or hire small 6 seater carts, or even walk the 6 kms.. We drove, and  then walked to the various exhibits. Took our lunch as well and spent all day there. I can highly recommend this, great for children as well. So following I will just do a series of photos.

  Meercats, Black rhino ,Giraffe, White Rhino Baby, Giraffe baby, Elephant, Lion , Siamang Monkeys, Camels, Galapagas Tortoise, just to show a few of the many animals there.

Lunch  in the park

My friends.

 Finally next day we packed up and headed for home, tired and glad to stop travelling for a while. Hope this has encouraged some of you to visit these towns.

Till next time.

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