Sunday, May 1, 2016


We Sold the Van!

Well after such a lovely but tiring road trip it is back to the routine of life. I look around the house and see every surface covered. This is due to the tedious unpacking of the whole van as we had decided to sell it. In fact, as I write this it was sold within a week of being on Gumtree. After settling in to Brighton Beach for 3 days mid trip, on the Great Ocean Road, we realised then how exhausting it is to put a van up and down every day at our age. Don't get me wrong it was great for a week here and there, but every day was too much.
 We then decided to just look at the Jayco vans in Newcastle, and get a feel of them also we priced a new Starcraft, and Journey and then, found a 2nd hand Freedom 17 foot long, pop top roof.  Twin beds which I like and toilet /shower combo in the corner.

Jayco Freedom -  love the pull out awning.

 After looking at new ones most of which had a double/queen bed it seemed like as you walked in to these vans the first thing you noticed is the bed, dead centre at one end. Where as, the single beds visually seem more room as they are placed either side, and look like wall couches, well they will when I am finished with them.

It is 10 years old, but that's all right,it is in excellent condition, and I am going to change the curtains and upholstery anyway with all the material I have.

Bed end, with wardrobe and beds lift up for storage.

A plus, is it has air conditioning and a microwave, plus television.

Nice wood work.


 One thing I don't like is the above table, in the old van you sat opposite each other known as a Cafe Dinette, this one is a J seating. John has looked at it and he can easily change it to a Dinette. Plus will make the table a triple fold out, which means he can then load up underneath with computer outlets, charging station, stereo and and more power. He just loves his electronics. Sitting opposite each other means we can play cards as well.

Toilet/shower LH Door,

 We are also going to put in a modern wood look, floor. So looking forward to doing it up, and going away again.

That is, once I clean the house, it is such a mess.

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