Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The Kitchen Garden

The last few days I have been getting up around 6am and after my usual cup of tea, been working in the garden till about 11am or 12 depending on  how hot it gets. I had neglected it over Christmas, so a lot of weeds were taking over plus I needed to get some more seeds planted while the hot weather continues till at least the end of February. Usually this time of the year we get a few storms as well. Quite a few gardeners who live in sub tropical climates, regard March as the beginning of the season and November the end, but I still keep going with new plants and seedlings except for December.


It was so good to be out toiling the soil as they say, I am definitely at my happiest when in the garden, the need to tidy and prune, plant and plan. I fixed up the seedling table, cleaning the top, filling the water bottles, and starting off a new set of seeds. Broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, chinese cabbage, and mouse melon. Also cleaned up my tiny potting shed, which was getting an accumulation of pots and buckets that were broken or split, and weeds growing through the pavers. It was starting to look like a mini Jumanji

My Potting Bench

 The seedling table has been a bonus. I got it from a hydroponic place, not cheap, but it keeps wet at all times, as long as the water bottle is filled. This guarantees any seedlings or cuttings to keep growing and stops that need to keep checking on them during the hot weather.

Seedlings on special table.

Out the back I dug over the garden beds ready for the seedlings, fertilized all the pots and am now thinking of whether or not to plant the blueberries or leave them in the pots. Also same for ginger. I tend to use pots so I won't lose some precious plant amongst everything else.

Bortolotti Beans In one of the Round Beds

  The front garden I more or less have finished tidying up, for now. Planted corn, beans, carrots,onions, some flowers. Tidied around what was growing and now it is  starting to look very orderly. For Christmas the girls gave John a years worth of mowing, not that he mows now, its another job I have had to take over due to his health, and the nature strip definitely needs it. The lawn mowing company starts Thursday, and I am looking forward to a year of no mowing. That is all the lawn we have though, it was easier to turn the front into gardens, and pave where we had to out back.

From LHS Corn, Beans, Carrots, Cucumbers .
Pineapple  Lilly (Eucomis)

Front RHS

I still have some gerberas and a few more different seedlings to plant, part of a Christmas present, then it will be just keeping it weed free. A nice feeling.

Walkway Border

I have more visitors coming Wednesday so may have a few more days off. I hope your year has started well.

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  1. The garden is looking wonderful & the frangipani is so gorgeous.


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