Thursday, January 21, 2016


Sculpture in the Park at Urunga

Urunga has a market day every 2nd Sunday but this time it was combined with a Sculpture display, all of which were for sale the theme being "Recycling". My sister and Mum came with us and despite it being raining and cold when we left the house, turned out a warmish morning, then just as we decided to take Mum back home started to spit down rain again.

First we had coffee at the little cafe with scones, jam and cream known to us "aussies" as Devonshire  Tea, despite having cappuccinos instead.  The market wasn't open till 10 am so having picked up Mum early in order to see it all before her lunch time at 12 noon, we decided to wait over coffee, which turned out a very good idea as the little coffee van at the markets had a very long line waiting.

Waiting for the Scones. Very interesting Cafe.

 The sculptures were all at the entrance of the park, a couple of the local primary schools had entered as well as professional sculpters. Quite a mixed bag of ideas but very interesting to look at none the less.

Made from Milk Bottles from a Local School, Seagulls

Everything from using Driftwood, to Plastic Straws, A Trail of  Echidnas

 Once we looked at them we then walked along the river to the  market stalls. Most of which had local hand made items, that I like to see, too many stalls now a days have imported goods, and each market seems to look like every other one.

The view we walked past to the Markets Stalls Looking at the Ocean

The we are again

A Driftwood Humpy in the Mangroves.

 Of course all my money went to the plant stall, getting a couple of  fancy leafed Begonias, and a few succulents to replant my large terrarium. Plus a pot of home grown honey, and a crocheted top hanging tea towel, from 2 other stalls.

View of the Market

Urunga's Boardwalk which goes way out to the island strip you see at the end.

So on the way back we caught another lot of sculptures. I have only put a few on out of the very many that were there, but it was well worth the visit just to see them.

This  Fella was Popular with the Children.

One for my Overseas Viewers a Kangaroo made of bits from Chairs and Tables.

Another very pleasant morning despite the rain.

 Hope you also enjoyed our outing.

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