Monday, January 25, 2016


Moving the Chicken Shed

While my brother was here he helped us move the chicken shed from where it was as they have been digging up the earth in their area and it was like a moon landscape. On top of that the Brush Turkeys have been eating the seed along with every pigeon in the district, plus the Goanna attacking one of them, so it was time to seal them in an area of their own. and with a protected chicken tunnel, I have been reading so much about lately, that we will run around the trees.

The Chicken Shed as it was, and the area looking tired.
Normally we only have two chickens at a time, as if they lay an egg a day that gives us 14 eggs a week, and usually we get Isa Browns. At the moment we have two old Isa Browns and a black Australorp that our grandaughter bought home from school as it got too big in class, and get about 10 eggs a week, if weather doesn't get too hot. When we let them roam a bit further than their area I get 3 eggs a day, so happy hens love to lay.

Moving the Bridge

This bridge is at the end of our old swimming pool, which we have converted to a pond. The Grevillea next to it has been cut in half and the area cleared somewhat as this is where the chicken shed is being moved too. The other shed is a tool shed.

Einstein inspecting the area.

This area had the compost bin, the galangal and a few odd bits and pieces. I am glad we are attacking it as it too was becoming a bit of an eyesore.

Remaining part of the tree.

Most of the tree I was able to get into several green bins to be picked up the next day. Thank goodness for good neighbours. The rest I will put in for this week.

Area now empty.
The old wire barriers are all going as I need access to what used to be a waterfall, and which is a steep bank so I am hoping to change all of that to a rock garden with aloes and other plants that like heat and not much water.

Old Pathway for Chickens with lots of Well Dug Holes

Happy Chickens
 The path way will be condensed to just along the tree and fence line and I will hopefully pretty this up and fill in all holes. John is looking at doing a small picket fence along the tree line.

New position
The chicken shed in this area can be enclosed with wire both on the roof and along the edge with a barn door gate so I can throw food in without having to open the whole thing as they do like to escape.

Entrance View
I don't like the way the two sheds line up so decided  the tool shed had to be turned around back to back.

It has been really hot and sticky, so work is a bit slow, still a fair bit to do, and will keep you up to date. Happy Australia Day for tomorrow.

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