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Picking Plums and Preserving.

From Flemings Website.

John and I have stripped the plum tree of its fruit. I have been watching it everyday, and nervous that  a wandering possum,will get into the net and destroy what turned out to be 25 kgs. of Blood Plums Mariposa and Yellow Plums, Flavor Supreme. This is the first major crop and I think due to the cold weather we had over winter.

It has certainly been successful.

Tree back in Spring.
I covered the tree with a net to protect it  mainly from fruit fly, a bit of a curse in sub tropical climates. I originally started covering with bags but there was just too much fruit so changed over to the net, not the easiest of jobs, but very pleased I did it now.

Branches often grow through the Nets.
I will give 1/2 the plums to my daughter in law as she will use them up with the 5 children and the rest we are turning into chutneys and I will bottle a few. Jam is not on the menu we have so much different jams from previous years.

Delicious Blood Plums

Yellow ones and Very Nice.

Most of them were slightly under ripe which has given me time to organize a preserving day.

7 Days Later 
As its turned out our daughter in law had an infection in her leg which resulted visiting the Dr. daily, so I ended up preserving the whole lot. I made chutneys both sweet and spicy, preserved puree and 1/2 plums, and in the end made a few bottles of jam for their family. Even tried some home made  plum icecream which was delicious. I do not want to see any plums for a while, have had enough.
Most of it I gave back to the family and kept the chutneys and a couple of purees for more icecream.

25kgs of Preserved Plums.

The icecream was egg white and cream and  the puree stirred through. This is the recipe I found on the internet. Have a go with any fruit, very easy and really nice, also a Coffee one and Lemon and Lime.

Delicious Plum Icecream

Definitely one to go into my recipe book. Till next time.

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