Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Bedroom Renovations Finished

This will be the last entry till the New Year. Family has arrived  and I have so much to do now for Christmas dinner and  to relax.  The carpet is all in, just at the last moment after a few hiccups, and a week delay on their part. I am very pleased with the results it has been a mammoth effort to finish and clean the house before the girls arrived, but we made it.

Reminder of the smaller room

Side Wall
And the ceiling

By painting all this, both rooms are now much brighter, and have a beach cottage look which  was what I was looking for. New fans have been put up in both rooms

And Ta Da the smaller room finished.

Note Painted Bedhead and Drawers

 I am still waiting on some glass draw knobs to finish off but very pleased with the relaxed atmosphere of this room. This is how the Bedhead and drawers looked before.

The old sewing table  next to a new power point that can be used to charge phones and tablets.

Bedhead of John's Mother from 1940's

 The verse on the bookshelves reads A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep are the Best Cures for Anything. I used my scrap booking letters and stuck them on with PVA glue.


The next room originally looked like this.


Larger Room

In the larger room one set of curtains still needs to be lined as I ran out of material, but it can wait till after the New Year, and after my next set of visitors. Both rooms received new fans and reading lights.

 The Side wall with some photos John took of the beach.

Wall RHS

Next to the Mirrored Wardrobe

 I didn't know what to do with Mum's table but it fits nicely in the corner and I will use it myself now and then.Not shown in this photo I wrote in more scrap booking letters across the top of the wardrobe which reads A Day Wasted on the Beach is a Day Well Spent. Mind you this was done an hour before we collected family from the airport, and quickly taking a few photos, at times like this one could do with a Tardis.

  Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. A big thank you to all my readers and for your comments. It has been 6 months now since I started and I feel it has been successful. See you in 2016.


  1. lovely looking room definitely has the beach side feel look to it

  2. Thank emme rose much appreciated.

  3. House looks fabulous, love the fresh white look what a difference
    you are amazing ! very beachy - remember Black Rock days AT XX

  4. Thank you glad you like it. Yes I remember.

  5. Happy belated Christmas greetings, Chris. I was just looking on the DTE forum's carers thread to see if you mum moved into the nursing home and how she was going but didn't see a post there so thought I would check your blog. I hope she is happy there and that you are all adjusting well. Have a wonderful 2106!

  6. Thank you Nanna Chel. All is going well.


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