Thursday, December 17, 2015


The Number 16

Yesterday was the 16th of December, not unusual but it 
happened to be our 43rd wedding anniversary. In the morning I went and picked up mum from the nursing home and took her to a major shopping centre to get her haircut. Afterwards we had coffee at an outside cafe and I was  given the number 16 to put on the table. Coincidense ? I happened to mention it to our waiter who promptly said he had 9 brothers and 6 sisters, wow that makes ....16. I never thought much of that till the evening when we went out.
Cafe Numbers.

We decided to use a gift voucher at a local golf course for our dinner, nothing fancy really like a resort, but we dressed up and ordered our meal. Well they also use the cafe style numbering system and ours happened to be  you guessed it NUMBER 16.

 Number 16 and its meaning in the Bible:

 Anyway after dinner we decided to have a go on the pokies and put a dollar into a series of machines until something decent won. Which happened to be my favorite one, Gold Miner or something 
Yeeeee Haaaaa!
We would play these machines maybe twice a year if we go out to dinner. So we put $5 in and won a few bonus games. 

Pulling the money out, we just collected all the coins up and went home. John this morning counted them all up and guess what $16. Now  I am not into numerology but if anyone is I would like to know what that means. I do know that you add the number together therefore we get 7 and just to keep the coincedence going my birthday is the 7th of the 7th month. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm 

Carpet man came today and is laying it as we "speak"

Update on painted rooms next time.

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