Sunday, November 8, 2015


Konmari Method - Books

It's raining again, has been off and on all week, so decided I had better do step two, the books. This really is out of necessity as the room, where we have a very large built in book case, was mum's room and I am hoping to both replace the carpet and paint the walls, all by Christmas, for both spare bedrooms.
 This is the book case as it was.

Even though I regularly go and get different books to read here, as there is everything from cooking,gardening,sewing,scrap booking,quilting, health, and various crafts, it is actually amazing how much I have got rid off.

7 Heavy Boxes
The local Rotary Club has a major Bookfest every Anzac Day weekend, and collect books at their shed on the last Sunday of every month. 80,000 approximately in all, so doing my fair share to contribute to the charities.

Mum had a bookcase full of the family history of photo albums, so I put them all on the main bookcase.

One Empty Bookcase
The final result is of course less books and I may do a few more but all in all a successful day. The empty bookcase is going to my sister's.

I am now hovering whether I should get some more white magazine holders and get rid of all the grey ones. Note mum's photo albums all along the top.

Well next step  in Konmari is papers. Hope I have as much luck. I am quite happy with this method also. Talk to you next week.


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  1. Well done! Its hard to start sometimes and there is that patch in the middle where everything looks like complete chaos but then once its all ordered and tidy the feeling is just so satisfying! :)



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