Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The Pleasure Garden.

As I have mentioned before, the Victorian Era loved their flowers and this year, I have made an effort to grow more. The nights are still fairly cold but during the day it is getting quite warm, especially when working in the garden as I am now. I can't get over the flowers popping up, Spring has certainly sprung, they are magnificent and the photos don't do them justice. I can only assume the extra cold nights have had something to do with it.

The poppies in the front yard which we are working around, as John adds the water pipes to the garden. They are so bright, such a happy flower.

The purple on the delphiniums also stand out along with white as well, the stocks pink and white are in front of these.

 Primulas both in pink and purple, along with gypsophila and alyssum, also out the front area, and the back along with Ranunculus, and large snapdragons plus pink cosmos.

Plus in the hydroponic window boxes petunias have been spilling all over.

If you have never tried to grow flowers do have a go, they bring the bees which is good for fertilizing the vegetables. A lot of gardeners just plant marigolds, which I do also, but really have enjoyed the variety I have this year.

Apple Blossom
 I keep all my seeds in the spare fridge in a plastic box with a lid. This helps them to last quite a few years longer, to grow more the following year.

If you have grown flowers that are easy do let me know.

Till Next Time.

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