Friday, August 28, 2015


Its From Harrods You Know

A parcel turned up recently from Harrods. What a surprise!

 Our two girls met in London after the eldest went on a bus tour through Europe and the youngest and her husband visited his relatives. Both had a wonderful time, then they all did the sights and sounds of busy London. Of course no-one can go there without seeing the famous shop. John and I have done that ourselves, when we went looking for a white Christmas while our 2nd son was living in

The Harrods Box

Imagine this travelling from England to Australia you couldn't miss where it came from.

So what did I get, which was actually for my birthday?  

Cup of Tea Anyone?

A beautiful Tea Pot and 2 gorgeous cups. The pattern is Old Country Roses by Royal Albert China. This is the most popular pattern of all time and I love it.



  1. How very special!!

    Craftgirl DTE

    1. Thank you for commenting its so nice to think people are reading.

  2. What a beautiful gift! And it arrived in one piece, not pieces, lol! Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    1. Thank you Gina it was a very special surprise.


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