Saturday, September 12, 2015


A Tale of Woe

It hasn't been a very good week. Tuesday my dentist finally removed the second upper molar, on the right hand side. So all week my mouth has  been sore, along with headaches.

It started back in June when the infection set in, antibiotics later a minor root canal was done, $200, then off to the endodontist for major root canal. I had to wait 3 weeks, so in the meantime a  second infection set in so the Dentist gave me more antibiotics. First endodontist visit was just a check $200 thankyou.

Don't you look at my dinner

So two more weeks later had major root canal that took an hour. This is because molars have at least 4 canals, which is why you see a specialist. Thankyou all will be well now $1000.00.

Two weeks later an infection sets in again this time causing a lump, which turns out to be the end of the tooth that the specialist couldn't get too, and was hoping the medication that they squirt in would
kill everything. A third lot of antibiotics

Tulips in the front.
 So I then had to have a CT scan $100.

 Finally one more visit for another go,and another uncomfortable hour, which resulted in "I am afraid you will have to have the tooth out".
 Back to the dentist. She allowed an hour to do this Tuesday and it took all of 10 mins including painful needles. $450.

Luckily my husband drove me in, as on the way home, shock set in and I spent the morning freezing cold in bed with a hot water bottle and panadol. I am due to go back Tuesday as now this tooth is removed it matches the other side "gap" and the middle lot will move which apparently is not good.

I hate my teeth.

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