Saturday, August 8, 2015


The Strawberry Tower

One of my favourite things to do is to watch how other people "do" their gardens. This can be features on you-tube, like people working their wonderful Allotments in England, and BBC TV also has programes featuring Monty Don, Alan Titmarsh, Alyce Fowler, then there are  all the Aussie shows, on local television like Gardening Australia, Better Homes and Gardens, Garden Gurus, and of course magazines, and books.

The strawberry tower was the result of such a you-tube programe and I originally saw it here

There have been many more produced since also, all sorts of towers containing all sorts of vegetables.

Years ago, we found lots of old milk crates, at a recycle centre, and I used them as flower pots, and for sitting on while weeding the garden as they can be very conveniently placed over plants. In a rush too I can throw lots of rubbish in to put in the green waste bin.

Milk Crates used to grow Herbs
I am once more changing my garden around and no longer use the crates as flower pots, so once I saw this video I had a go with strawberries which I was moving from one of the beds.

I lined it with weed mat and poked holes in the spaces with a sharp knife and placed a plant every 2nd hole. Before I did that I cut off all but one leaf to give it a better chance to grow. The crates are filled with a soil Tomato and Vegetable mix Brunnings make and is reasonably priced.

Complete Tower Covered against the Birds

I found stacking them on top of the other, I was never sure if the water was reaching all over so we turned them on angle and I can poke in  the hose. So far it is doing quite well. I didn't really know if the plants were old or new so just put what looked healthy in. The tower is in this spot as the sun reaches all sides eventually.

Top of the tower as of this week.

Finally another picture of The Pleasure Garden, taken this week.

Happy Gardening everyone. Thank you for posting comments.

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  1. Love your garden and its changes. Every time I visit its like looking at a new painting.You are so good at what you love doing. The gardening queen of the family. Xxxx


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