Thursday, August 13, 2015


The Back Verandah

John has been re-doing our back verandah. It is the one that gets all the weather, and most of the joists and some of the boards have rotted through. You think there are only a few but once you actually dig underneath we realised most of it had to be replaced and  should have been done years ago. Our eldest son has helped when he can, which is very good of him considering he has his own work to do on his place.

Many years ago I painted it red and it looked like this. Now I am changing it to Grey and White.

Two dogs sunning themselves taken about 2010

This month it turned into this.

 Its been quite scary when we opened
our back doors and look down. Its about 2.4 metres down to the ground.

While this has been going on, out the back, I have started to paint both the floor and the ceiling, out the front.

The front used to look like this.

One chair and the couch rotted around the base and became quite unsafe so I threw them out at the council pick up this year. I had this set for nearly 30 years, so not a bad innings really.

The ceiling was never painted and is of pine lining boards so I started on that first.

Side verandah ceiling yet to be painted
Front ceiling painted in Antique White USA

Why Grey and White. Well due to a large hailstorm our roof  was redone under insurance last year, and since we had a faded green colourbond, which was no longer available, I decided to go with grey ( a choice of 7 grey colours plus 2 green, white and silver ) and went with the one that matched the grey brick . Ironstone.

So now Ironstone for the poles, except the front ones with the rail, white rail and hand rail, and a paler grey for the floor. New front furniture a gift from my father before he died as a thanks for looking after them.

Hopefully in a few days time I will do an update on the front part at least, as nearly finished. Its been a bit of a slow journey this one, but bit by bit we are getting there.

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  1. Love the white. What a big decision to make and a lot of work. Can't wait to see it finished.★★★★★

  2. Never realised the veranda was that high but the picture from the back door is quite scary. I like the white. Think it will look really good when finished. Good job!

  3. Will look fabulous! Can't get over how energetic you guys are....leaves me for dead, lol.

  4. Compared to the cost of getting someone to do it, its a case of DIY or nothing. A little bit regularly gets it done.


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