Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Preserving Finally Finished

Went through bags of onions and garlic.

The last of the mince meat has finally been finished. It seems to have taken ages, but I guess there was quite a bit of meat, and  filled up the cupboard to capacity.In the end we have enough Chilli-con-Carne, Spaghetti Bolognaise,Taco Mix, and  Shepherds Pie Mix to last the year.

Normally my 3 burners are enough, but this time all on the go.

 More or less we "do the meat" as an annual event, and I wait for the mince to come on special. This time $5.99 kg. although I found it to be quite fatty and some of them didn't seal properly, so a few got frozen instead, these will be the first ones we will eat.

I find them very handy for a busy day, when all I have to do is heat the meat up for 10 mins and either cook rice, potatoes, or make a salad.
Worth their weight in gold. Quart jars hold about 500 grms. Plenty for two.

Cupboard partially filled.

The lemons picked recently were all juiced by Miss P who is 6, luckily my juicer is part of the electric food processor. The juice itself, I have frozen by measure of a glass jar, and poured into a zip lock.  Usually, I use an old recipe of Mums that is 4 lb. sugar, 4 pints of water citric and tartaric acid, zest and juice of 7-10 lemons,which is all boiled up and bottled, ok when the 5 kids were at home, because it makes about 7-8 wine bottles full, but I searched for one that is 1 part lemon, 2 parts sugar and 1 part water, of which this mixture is also broken down in the glass with water, mineral or otherwise. Being lemondade lemons and much sweeter I will probably only use 1 part sugar, time will tell in summer.

I was assured by mum that she was used to doing this. Little hands on a spinning juicer.

Some of the lemon skins went into brewing up a citrus cleaner mix.

While we were at it John found a recipe for olive tincture, so chopped up leaves and added vodka, this has to brew for 6 weeks. You can buy this tincture at quite a cost and is very good for you. This is the first time we have made it. Here is a link for the benefits of it.


This is our Olive Tincture processing.

 Before making this yourself read all the benefits and side effects to see if it is right for you.

There is a vast amount of information out there. I would choose the one from actual olive grove places who specialize in growing trees.

Thank you to all those who have commented so far, it is such a thrill that someone is actually reading about us, I appreciate you looking.

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