Monday, August 17, 2015


Planting Tomatoes

I have finally started to plant out tomatoes for this year. I feel, its a bit later than usual probably because of the colder weather we seem to have had this winter.

Last month in readiness, I started a bed by digging in a large tub of fish bits, a friend got for me from the local co-op, crushed up egg shells on top, sprinkled then with blood and  bone, chicken pellets, and cow manure. This was then covered with 120 cms. of good soil and left to stew.

I am not game to dig down to see what has happened, so just buried the seedlings  on top. I got them from the local hardware nursery as mine are still only an inch big, that I potted up yesterday.

I planted 3, and all were about about 15cms. high above the pot. First I took off all the lower leaves, leaving just the group, on top. Then buried each one up  to the leaves. This will leave the long stem  to create roots and makes for a strong plant.

 In a metre round bed I first wrapped some wire in a circle, around 3 stakes, then planted the tomatoes equal distant on the outside of the wire. This I will use to help them climb up.

In the middle I have also buried 2 milk bottle jugs of which I poked a few holes in the bottle.
When I water I will fill these up twice. I  think maybe I will do this again as I would prefer the water slowly seeped rather than rush through the bottles, as it is now. Made the holes too big.
The varieties of tomatoes are Grosse Lisse Improved, Top Dog and Humptey. None of which I have ever grown.
While I was at it planted Kipfler Potatoes, in the opposite bed. Putting Chicken Pellets buried under soil, then potatoes and just enough soil to cover.
Not much to see covered in wire to keep the brush turkeys
 from digging the tubers up. They love them.  


Weeded the perennial leek bed. 

From This

To This
Looked at the Snow Peas.

Checked out the Climbing Beans Purple King

That was enough for the day.
Happy Gardening.

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