Thursday, July 30, 2015


Winter Is Nearly Over.

The weather is slowly warming up after quite a cold winter for sub tropical climate. I have had the Nectre Bakers Oven fire going every night. Finally though one warmish day I set about and went over all the seeds I have and spent a pleasant afternoon potting them up.

Seedlings sitting on a special table that is fed water from a small container that I fill every Friday.

I also re-potted some cuttings of Japanese box to make a new hedge and put them all in individual tall seedling pots left over from something. I never throw out old seedling trays they come in so handy.

While I was at it picked all the lemons off the old lemonade tree,we have down the back of the block,  and at some point this week will juice them all and freeze the juice for lemon cordial.

Lemonade Lemons ready for juicing.
 My 2 year old lemon tree has 4 lemons on it but I left them as I can see them from the kitchen window and it looks so good. This lemon is much better for fish while the lemonade one is very sweet. The first time I made cordial with them didn't change the sugar quantity and ended up with a terribly sweet cordial, and we found they were also a bit too sweet for the fish dishes, nice when making dressings for salad. Our gran-daughter eats them like an orange.

So pruned all the citrus, then fed them and finally sprayed them for bugs and diseases ready for spring.

Earlier this year I planted quite a few flowers for a change. The freezer is still holding lots of vegetables from last year, so I could afford a bit of space for what was known in the Victorian Days as a pleasure garden.

Alyssum spilling over path edge.
Snowdrops collected from my Mother's garden many years ago.

These are Cosmos and in the background a Pink Azalea. Note the little wood fence I made out of the apple prunings. Love the look so made 3.

We have no lawn anywhere, so the entire suburban block is all garden, mostly vegetables. This is because John has a heart condition, and mowing the lawn was difficult, plus it always got out of hand. I love gardening and have made it so I can sit on the edge and weed, or my favorite seat, a milk box container, which goes over the plants nicely without me disturbing anything.


  1. My husband also has heart and lung health issues, and is unable to mow lawns and weed the garden like he used to for many years. As our block is quite big, too much for me to take care of, garden or no garden! we pay a gardener to come and mow, prune, etc. for us every six weeks, and he is worth his weight in gold.
    What a pity we don't live closer - I had a stack of those seedling trays when I bought herbs last year, and the trays went straight into the bin...

  2. Lovely to read your blog, Chris. All the best with the decluttering...I am married to a hoarder. LOL!

  3. I love the pictures of the garden especially the snowdrops. They look great.


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