Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Filofax's and Planners.

I need written word to be organized, hence the Filofax. I first had one in the 1980's, used it a lot then dropped it, found it again, and now in 2015 I have 6. Well not all of them are official Filofax only 3. John has one which I dutifully made pages, sections, covers and had fun doing it but really I don't think he has used it at all. It was a Black personal size, and the first one ever owned.
 My main one a red  Metropol and is A5, This has a 2 page to the week which I printed to suit  myself, and I keep it open on my kitchen bench.It is my main one for everything to do with the housekeeping,and the Sections include, Diary 3-4 months at a time,Cleaning Zones, Green cleaning recipes, Contacts,Master To Do List,Personal things and Inspiration cards.

I like to decorate edges with tape and use stickers a month in advance, this is the first year I have done that so whether I keep the "Diary" forever all nice and pretty is another thing, really its only Dr. and Dental appointments, or clean the bathroom notes, after all."Playing" with tapes and stickers at least makes me feel like I am organized.

 My Ranger is a purse size one so I keep money, plus cards, plus a small diary for on the run, often I put my shopping list in that or sizes of the grandchildren that I can refer too.

I have one for the garden to  keep track of seeds growing, what was fertilized, costs in buying things etc.It is month by month, and very handy.

Then there is the Recipe one, my favorite ones or friends yummy morning teas, or suggestions, with sections like, Mains, Dessert, Cakes, Mini things, Nibbles, Salads. Often it is a picture in a magazine, or a recipe I downloaded, like I did for Duck A La Orange, which I did the other night as our son keeps ducks and gave us one. Had to put that in, I mean how often do you eat Duck A La Orange.!!!!!! It was delicious and I stayed true to the recipe except I shoved another orange up its backside for good measure LOL.

The last one is all blog and password type things. Officially the last three aren't filofax's but all A5, I like that size and have got a wiz at the computer in changing everything to fit so I can print.
I own 3 hole punches, one for the personal and one for the A5 and a common 2 hole punch.

You would think I would be highly organized, but I am still in a mess, life has a way of doing that when your week isn't routine. I have recently come to the conclusion no matter how many lists, books, and tick offs, unless you actually have TIME, and persistence in keeping to the written word,and family co-operation, things will not get done. My mother being here has made a big difference, but I hope to improve and aim for some thing daily, on an ever growing, Things To Do List.

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