Monday, July 13, 2015



Einstein is our dog, he is an 8 year old terrier mix male and a great character. We also had Cricket my little fluffy chihuahua, the best most loving dog ever. Unfortunately he contacted diabetes and we had to put him down at Christmas last year.

Two Great Friends

Baby Einstein

Baby Cricket in my pocket

I think for a while Einstein was lost without Cricket, and now we find he loves our company and is always nearby wherever we go. He helps in the garden, or sits on his cushion in the sun when I am sitting having a morning or afternoon cuppa as well.

He greets you with a Hurrooooo, when we get home, and every morning waits patiently for John to get up, who then takes him beyond the verandah through the gate into the front garden where he sniffs out every evidence of night time animals, and never ever goes beyond the boundary step, onto the nature strip.

The ritual has been going on for most of his doggy life and one morning he got so excited, he ran round and round the garden with great speed over all the plants as we don't have a front lawn, and straight out the boundary step and turning right straight up the hill. When he got to the end, about 7 houses and luckily a cul-de-sac, he ran down the  empty block hill to the river's edge.

The look on Johns face when he suddenly took off was priceless, and he puffed up the hill and down the next to the river's edge, and picking Einstein up carried him back home.

Einstein has never ever taken off again, because he wasn't allowed outside the gate for a whole week, and miserably watched John go to the post box from behind the verandah bars.

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  1. I can so see Einstein doing this. LOL.


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