Sunday, May 28, 2017


I Have A Greenhouse!

I have always wanted a greenhouse, but thought that being sub tropical, might be too hot, but while at the Melbourne Garden show they had such a good deal on them that we decided to get it for my birthday, which is not till July, but it is a significant one.

They actually stock this particular brand at at Bunnings, but you have to order them in, also have parts, and are made by Maze.

The Before Picture

One of the hardest things was deciding where it should go. I could put it out the back, but I would also like to not have the hastle of seedlings in the back garden and having to check all the time when the front garden is  so much closer.  In the end the front was decided. Not your average thing to put in the front yard, but already the postman wanted to know about it as his wife was looking for one. It is also a good talking point with the neighbours.

Weeding and transplanting

 It  only arrived in last 3 weeks but has taken John, a week to lay the new path, and  a base for the flooring. We decided on grey stone in the glasshouse and shuffled all the stepping stones that were there already for the new pathway to it. We had to dig up one garden and move the archway, so I have dug up the yellow climbing rose and moved that to the front entrance archway. Hope it survives in its new place. Gained some extra length on a couple of beds, but lost a complete bed that wasn't very good anyway.

Looking very neat

Wall Frame now in
  It has a window for letting out heat and we have also ordered  an automatic one from Bunnings. Shade cloth will be fitted inside attached to the roof, when it is really hot.

Roof On and fits very neatly in the space.

The good thing is now I can grow lettuce and tomatoes over winter with ease as long as I can keep the temperature under 35 degrees inside. I have also transported the seedling table from the back for inside the glasshouse.

Shelves ready to install and also 2 shelving units I had.

It is a hydroponic one and through the 25 litre water bottle hooked on the fence at the back, stays wet at all times. Time will tell if it is successful, otherwise I will put it back for cuttings and keep seedlings in trays with water I can check daily.

Arch now in new place
Seedling table full 

Sun setting and Shade coming over late afternoon

Now I have to fix the back potting  shed up. Meanwhile I have been cleaning up the front garden and planting snow peas, broccoli, cabbage,carrots,beetroot, parsnips,onions,garlic, ranunculas, marigolds,  leeks, tomatoes and sweet peas.  I have planted broad beans and sweet peas in the back garden, but still a lot of work there.

I will show you all next time. Stay safe.


  1. How exciting Chris. Together with all your other veggies the greenhouse is really going to keep you going year round. The work you've both done making space for the greenhouse, path, arch looks great.
    It certainly would be a talking point in the front yard. The postie has already go that ball rolling.
    I'm really looking forward to your developments.

  2. Fantastic use of space and I think the front yard is a good choice. Even though it will block some light to the front verandah, I think it'll be worth it. What meals are you planning with your summer (winter) vegetables?

    1. Tomatoes,carrots in a pot,cucumber, lettuce, more to see if they grow than anything else and for garnishes over winter. Glad you like it.


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