Sunday, December 24, 2017


Mum's Christmas 2017

The Christmas Party held at Mum's Nursing home this year was held in two separate areas. The elderly in their large dining room and the dementia ward had theirs in the small dining room in the secured area. The verandah off the main area was being repaired so room for extra people wasn't available.

Tree squashed into the corner

Something different this year for the wall.

One visitor per patient is allowed but we sneaked my sister in during her lunch hour. I am not sure if  Mum knew what was happening that day but still we made her smile and Santa came, we then moved to a quieter area in the garden for a hour.


Mum and Jan enjoying the afternoon.

This is a small garden off the dining room.

 I am pretty sure there were moments of knowing us, and finally one of the nurses took her off to the bathroom and she left without any problem and we were forgotten as was the lunch. Such is the Disease.

Merry Christmas

Today, 4 days later,  we decided to take her out to a local cafe. Getting her in  and out of the car was difficult, the brain didn't know which way to turn, or which leg to put in first, and we eventually managed. She knew us and loved the teddy bear we gave her for Christmas, and enjoyed cake and coffee.

Jan added her name, as things tend to wander from room to room. The hat is a communal one.

Then a walk back to the car via a ramp and 3 small steps down, which was very difficult for her to negotiate. We managed all right going up. These little things is enough to not go out anymore and the incontinence which is now at a difficult level, and the need to take towels for the car seat etc.
So on arriving back, the nurse whipped her off to the bathroom, and we sat in the lounge for 10 mins. and left. Mum again just heading off in the opposite direction and we were forgotten. We will both be with family till New Year and once more we will catch up with mum again and see what 2018 brings.

The Three Girls.

One thing for sure, we are seeing her every week more than we ever did when Mum and Dad were living 2 - 3 days travel away. She is the last of her whole family on both Mum and Dad's side, and I am glad we have these last few years with her despite the problems. Your mum is still your mum and we love her.

Our Christmas is now upon us, I hope you all have a lovely time whether on your own or with family and friends.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Till Next Time.

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  1. awww that's awesome you do that for your mum, many put them there & forget them or they are too hard to handle (my sister works in aged care) enjoy her company for as long as it is possible.
    blood is blood can't get away from that, glad you had an enjoyable time despite the difficulties
    thanx for sharing


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